Sorry for the hiatus, but I added lots of new stuff!

Took way longer than I thought

GAHHH! Finally re-opened :) my life has been way more hectic than I thought it would be so sorry for lack of updates. I've been working at the bar pretty much non-stop in addition to trying to finish my degree by December. I always got this crazy idea to get certified as a personal trainer which is WAY harder than I ever expected it to be. As always, my real life and school life have to come first but I work on the site here and there in my spare time. If you have any content requests please submit them in the cbox - I'm going to be better about at least replying to everyone in a timely manner. I'm still pretty active on facebook so ADD ME. That's the best way to get in touch with me.

So other than a new layout I added a Header Tutorial, 2 new textures, 5 new Brush Packs, and 3 new Facebook Timeline Cover PSDs. So, enjoy and I'll see ya when I see ya!